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If you are looking for a perfect holiday experience with memories to cherish you are at the right place. We offer a select portfolio of villas on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands in the British West Indies.

One of the Caribbean’s best-kept secret holiday destinations, the Turks and Caicos Islands are located at the southeastern tip of the Bahamas, 575 miles south east of Miami, Florida and 90 miles north of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

This beautiful coral archipelago is a British Dependent Territory, comprises 8 islands, approximately 40 cays and a total of 230 miles of pristine white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. The Turks and Caicos Islands are a haven for celebrities who have homes here. The Islands are also famous for the 1,000 square miles of coral reef that surrounds them, providing some of the best diving and snorkeling to be found anywhere in the world. Swim with Jo Jo or Dreamer local bottle nosed dolphins, cavort with turtles and stingrays, enjoy a dive through a sunken Spanish wreck, or watch majestic whales migrating through the Columbus Passage on their way to their winter breeding grounds on the Mouchoir Banks. 

The Turks and Caicos Islands take their name from the scarlet dome of the barrel shaped Turks Head cactus and the Spanish word “cayos” which means small islands. The two groups of islands are divided by a 22mile wide 7000 ft. deep passage known today as Columbus Passage.

..a true history

On the 18th of January 1687, the “Henry of London” with her captain Francis Rogers, second mate William Covell, three divers and salvage equipment, arrived off the coast of Grand Turk to search for the wreck of a Spanish galleon. On the first day, they searched the north side of the island to no avail, so they set off early the following morning to try their luck on the south side.Rogers took a small canoe and one diver and Covell took the other two divers in a slightly larger boat. After many hours of searching, Captain Rogers had become very discouraged, as neither he nor Covell had found any sign of the wreck.Since it was late afternoon and the light was failing, Rogers gave the order to head back to the ship. Just at that moment, Covell looked down into the crystal clear waters and saw a sea feather of “extraordinary colour and beauty” and as he had nothing better to bring his captain, Covell sent one of his divers down to fetch it. As the diver tried to pluck the sea feather, a current of water moved it aside to reveal the rusted guns of the sunken Spanish galleon. The crew worked the wreck for three days, recovering treasures that included silver artifacts and over 3000 gold pieces of eight. Captain Rogers kept the sea feather with him for good luck on all his subsequent voyages.

We were inspired to chose this name for our company for many reasons, including our love for these beautiful Islands which have been our home for over twenty years. 

Heartfelt thanks to the remarkably talented Turks and Caicos Island band Tropical Soul for their inspirational song “Turks & Caicos We Love You”.


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